Art Club with Mary Newton- Taylor:  Starting Thursday March 10th 6-8.30 pm every Thursday evening until Thursday 7th April

Art Club across 5 weeks with MaryJ Newton-Taylor.

An exciting opportunity to offer you the chance to join an art club which will run for five weeks at a regular time each week. This will give us the opportunity to explore projects in more depth and devote a dedicated time each week to develop and enhance skills on chosen projects.

The programme will brush up on basic skills and we will then devote time to working on each students chosen projects.
This course aims to foster self-confidence and enjoyment of painting in a stimulating environment. Working through a series of exercises you will gain experience and skills in painting still life, portrait or landscape compositions, whilst also exploring a creative approach to painting, helping you establish your own style and identity. This course aims to be a fun and relaxing experience, offering plenty of guidance when needed. More details to follow!
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