38 degrees in the shade…summer 2022

By 25th July 2022 News

So proud of Sophie-Rose!

Oh err Missus ..
what a scorcher!
Afternoon Everybody ..
from the garden swing today, as I’m enjoying some Sunday solitude in the garden at Calton. It’s been a busy few weeks in the Gardiner -Smith crib with Sophie returning from University (not willing to brag but … with a FIRST CLASS DEGREE in Fine Art !!)
Anyway the dreaded covid hit me again – so it was a week in bed, fortunately we have  great people at #teambettys and there were no haberdashery emergencies… wait! what am I saying!? Helen was left to deal with Promgate – lots of blushing would be Prom Queens having left their dresses to be altered to the last minute – and all wanting them NOW! Helen frantically doing the alterations while Jo and June “ Oh yes we can do that no problem..” calmly booked them in!  I notice on my return Helen has imported a fan to sit by her sewing machine🤬 You’ll also see some revamped Alteration charges because as you all know (I know I’m preaching to the converted) let’s face it,  people who bring items to altered to the shop don’t actually want to subscribe to my email!Then another bridal emergency hit yesterday morning which (to cut a long unpicking story short) found us all trying to zip a poor bridesmaid into her dress even Ryan from the kitchen was required to lend some masculine muscle.. oh dear poor Lydia picked the short straw with her dress being faulty on many counts.. but she took it in good part even though the wedding planner was ashen faced with her walkie talkie at the ready and the clock ticking by!ahh ‘First World Problems’ at Betty’s I hear you cry – and they really are ..talking of which – some of you will know that I’m gradually phasing out Liberty Tana Lawn from the shop – I know I bend the ear of any customer asking about the Liberty but despite its beauty the company don’t make it easy for small independents like Betty’s to stock their fabric. In fact if anything they make it as hard as possible, demanding huge orders and placing extra charges on smaller bolts. Their prices are high and there is little incentive to keep it. So while I’ll still stock the Liberty Cotton, Tana Lawn will not come back (that’s not to say I haven’t got any left there are still plenty of bolts). However I’m getting more and more of the Pima Lawn which in my opinion is as nice, and half the price!So forgive me for this stream of consciousness email.. hopefully you’ll all be enjoying the sunshine, and taking care wherever you are in the world! Have a great summer and come visit soon
From your slightly sun-drenched chum


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