..a definite nip

By 17th August 2019 News


Oh dear it’s raining again.. I hope you’ve managed to enjoy the summer – we seem to have gone through every kind of weather and now there’s a definite nip in the air – reminding us autumn is on the way! (that and the fact that alterations pile have a number of school skirts waiting to be shortened to thigh length!) 

The birthday celebrations were a success, if slightly chaotic, with 10 people making lampshades in the workroom and very little table space to cut fabric for those customers taking advantage of our 20% discount! Everyone seemed to take it in good part, and it was a happy day and a bit of a landmark for me. A nice little piece in The Local Paper too .. should’ve read ‘Annie actually manages to commit to something for more than 5 minutes’.

Anyway below are a list of courses coming up – I’ve been putting the finishing touches to a new sketchbook course I’m running for the autumn, so please have a look at that if you’d like to veer away from the fabric. Another Lino printing day too.

I also have some free machine embroidery feet – they fit the Janome machines people bought from me. Some people borrowed feet off me and I’d appreciate those back. They retail at £19 (John Lewis) but I have them for £9.95

Happy weekend everybody looks like the 🌞 might be out – according to iPhone!

Annie x

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