A Quarantini For Me Please.. (Preferably After Breakfast)

By 5th June 2020 News

Pew.. what a scorcher!

Hello everybody! I hope you’re well, enjoying the weather, staying healthy and hopefully doing some crafting. Being creative has helped me so much over the years, it’s ‘mindfulness’ and meditation for us arty types. The lockdown has challenged us all, I have days when I feel motivated and positive -then others when I’d happily drink gin for breakfast. Going to the shop most days has been a huge help and a few visitors has been a happy distraction – it’s good to see you, and hear from you too.

Well ‘mask-gate’ hit Betty’s after I floated the idea in my last email that I could possibly make a few… we had a huge response, the poor website broke, I had to recruit the help of my lockdown buddies Lulu, Jake and Sophie-Rose and Bettys’ Elves, Myra and Rachel, also came to the rescue! We’ve posted masks all over the country so you little beauties have been sharing the email for which I’m so grateful. I’ve had conversations with people from Stroud, Brighton, Essex, Stornaway was probably the furthest North! Thank you all of you for continuing to support Betty’s, it’s really offered us an unexpected income stream during these uncertain times, now I’m on first name terms with the post ladies and I’ve been able to to donate a portion to our local Ashbourne charity Carline.

Our push to make PPE continues, as sewers reach burn out (or, in Cathy Reavy’s case, her sewing machine has!) new sewers come onboard and I absolutely know it’s been going to the right places – Care-homes and Hospices. We’ve helped GPs, Dentists lots of local frontline workers. Sewers all over the area have worked so hard it’s been great to be part of such a positive and useful group.
TAKE care and be safe

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