Algorithms ahoy!

By 30th April 2019 News

It’s  been a bit of crazy Month one way and another.. beautiful weather one minute.. then torrential rain.. Uggs or Birkenstock’s?! I had a few lovely days in Cornwall at the St.Endellion music festival then back to Ashbourne for Easter (still hidden eggs in the shop waiting to be found).
We were all really so sad to see Bennett’s go,  I was hoping to get their beautiful Farrow& Ball unit for Betty’s but there was no way we could get it out of Bennett’s without breaking it… instead we got some grumpy baby dolls – the sort that come alive when we’re not there and create mischief ..But it is sad that so many of the independent high street stores are closing. Ashbourne seems to be taking a bit of a hit and    as a business owner it makes me very nervous, nevertheless we do have to move with the times which is why here I am tucked up in bed with my Horlicks, writing this blurb and tackling the world of social media, because like it or not this is how it’s going to be. So the algorithms are checked and my demographic  (er that’s you.. and YOU Maggie..) are all present and correct. ( don’t unsubscribe yet!!)

We’ve had another delivery of Liberty today with a few new designs, our ‘Tana Lawn’ really is the Rolls Royce of fabric, feather light and just like beautiful silk. Perfect for our upcoming summer top workshop that our lovely Hannah is running in a few weeks.

Our  Stylecraft Wool is growing in volume too with the addition of their  ‘Bambino’ range and more shades of the sock wool and Special DK.
We’ve  also some lovely samples of crocheted and knitted blankets in both the Special DK and Bambino plus lots of  brand new patterns.
shall I post a selfie of me in bed? .. yeah I thought not.
sweet dreams to you out there in on your platforms

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