Annie Burns.. then fizzles

By 14th January 2020 News

Hello everybody and Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all well and have not fallen victim to the coughs and colds or particularly the nasty ‘Flu A virus’.. unfortunately I have so here I am in bed dosed up with decongestants and remedies ..

It’s been a hive of activity in Betty’s over Christmas as Jake has been here totally revamping the workroom and I think you’ll be impressed! We’ve had a few artistic arguments but he got his way! It really is fantastic what he’s achieved – THANK YOU Jake xx

As usual I’ve been planning a few workshops to entice you, this little Bee keeper idea has been buzzing around since Rachel bought me a lovely book for Christmas (we won’t go into the detail.. suffice to say it’s about embroidery). I’ve also had confirmation from another textile artist – Emily Jo Gibbs who’ll be delivering a 2 day workshop in April.

Looking forward to seeing you soon – and those who are too far away (hello Fiona in India!) have a lovely safe and healthy 2020 and come visit us soon x

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