Bunting Bloodbath at Betty’s

By 1st June 2022 News

Hello Everybody!
Here I am back in the Super King American bed.. not a chocolate in sight as I’m still on the sugar free health kick.. my night runs (no not those!) have progressed to park runs at Ashbourne on a Saturday, thought I’d be incognito but quite a few Bettys customers also go and merrily shout “Hi Annie” as they power past me!
Anyway I thought I must squeeze an email out to you before the bank holiday – I keep promising to do one… especially as I have added quite a few new people to the Bettys Gang!
It’s been a busy few months  – ‘Bunting Gate’ this last few weeks, with the shop and tearoom now resembling a  permanent Jubilee street party – we’ve churned our many metres of bunting as well as making loads of make your own packs, not to mention the after school club making at least 30 metres between them!
Inspired by the Sewing Bee we have loads of beautiful new fabric in the shop – my new cheaper alternative to Liberty Lawn keeps growing with lots of great prints- just as beautiful and silky, absolutely no difference (except the far more affordable price). Also lots of new dress patterns from Stylarc and The Assembly Line, some great designs to choose from. Jacqui and I went to see Esme Young in Derby, such an inspirational Lady, still designing and teaching fashion at 73.
Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy the Jubilee🔻🇬🇧🔻🇬🇧
From your patriotic chum


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