Chilli Chocolate

By 27th August 2021 News

Evening everybody!
Well last weekend I actually made food for friends (Paul and Vanessa visiting from London FYI). I cooked my staple Chilli with Chocolate – very nice and Julie helped me out with Lemon Posset for pudding … then Monday the doggy found and ate the remaining bar of dark chocolate and had to rushed to the vet for a serious induced vomiting session.. £250 later  the doggy is as perky as I’ve ever seen her, and now it’s cold and I’m very chilly. I feel, more than ever that life is very cyclical..
So here I am back in the American super king bed – central heating on and cuddled up in the winter weight duvet! I thought I’d better get a summer email out before we hit September.

But so much for the bloomin’ summer – I suppose the sun has been out a few times but certainly no heatwave in the offing despite what my weather app tells me.

Anyway I write this on Thursday evening and Jacqui has just finished a monster sewing course which has run every Thursday in August. With the course being very popular and our need to socially distance, we decided to run two sessions on the same day – until 5pm – who’s idea was that??! if I feel tired – I’m sure Jacqui is already fast asleep!   however her course has been a huge success with everyone making and finishing perfect tote bags, beautifully sewn and lined with funky fabric!  Before she headed for the pub I’ve managed to pin her down (geddit?) and she’s agreed to another beginners sewing course starting end of September for 4 weeks as well as another ‘Stevie’ dress in a day AND her version of a Peaky Blinders tweed hat course – check them all out below.. and THANK YOU so much Jacqui you’re a complete ⭐️

It’s been nice having the youngsters working at the shop and tearoom over the summer,  we’re especially proud of them not least because of the difficult year they’ve all had, but at how well they’ve succeeded, with such amazing exam results!  let’s hope as they return to their various courses life will be a little easier. Well done Sophie, Flora, Ryan, Jasmine and Lucy.. oh and please come back!

I also have to give a shout out to my wing man Nicky who has now moved to Suffolk, and whom I miss terribly, with family still here in Ashbourne she still comes back though so expect to see her occasionally covering for me at Betty’s. Good Luck in your new home Nicky x

So here’s to the last few days of August, I hope you’re all keeping well.


From your Chilly Chocolate loving chum

Annie x




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