Happy 2023!

By 15th January 2023 News

Happy New Year my Crafty Chums
I hope this finds you all well and having managed a peaceful Christmas. The Super King American Bed has been my haven this past week as my back went into spasm on Boxing Day and that was it.. another quiet Christmas. Meant we couldn’t join in with the big family get together in Cirencester, instead it was a trip to the osteopath (FYI it’s all about ‘freezing’ so consequently I’ve had frozen peas tucked into my pants all holiday). Good news is that it is easing off – and it has given me the chance to really forward plan for 2023. You’ll be proud of me when you see the amount of workshops..(CLICK HERE) also more ordering of wool and Linen obvs.
We are officially back on January 9th, but I’ll be in a few days this week (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10-3pm) if you need to stock up. We have a big sale of Christmas items and fabric to make room for new lines coming in. Lots of fabric marked at half price so this is a good chance to get some bargains and replenish  your stash (because my stash is too big!).
Anyway please peruse the upcoming workshops, clicking to the website helps keep that search optimising thingy in the google search thing.

from your
Numb Bummed Chum

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