It’s Pants – Positive Pants..

By 17th March 2021 News

Hi Everybody

It’s been ages since I sent one of these missives – a few people have said they’ve missed them – so now I feel pressured to write something witty😳 I have started a few but failed to complete and then the days went on and the news was out of date.. blahdy de blahdy blah.. anyway I am here now,  determined to complete this bloomin’ email… and of course I hope it finds you well –  as the days lengthen and brighten and with the prospect of us coming out of lockdown your spirits are lifting.

I’m afraid as some of you know I got Covid just before Christmas – it Seems like a lifetime ago but it’s impact has lasted several months and I still get the terrible fatigue, but thankfully SO much better now. In the midst of it all I celebrated a big birthday, limped into a new decade and promptly tripped and cracked a few ribs. I eventually left my bed in mid February.  I try to focus on Marie’s pants – Marie possibly one of the nicest people like ..ever .. has hung some positive pants in the kitchen at Betty’s (now I’m worrying about what she is trying to tell us!?)

I’m so thankful to colleagues at the shop who’ve helped keep Betty’s functioning – and you guys too – many of you have continued supporting the business – purchasing your crafty supplies – for which I’m truly grateful. Every few days I take a bag of parcels to the post office and appreciate every sale.

I’ve watched many box sets – fell victim to ‘binge-watching’ and then ‘binge-cheating’  (and now I’ve lost the trust of binge buddy Sophie-Rose😥).  discovered some brilliant podcasts – oh and Zoom Choir- what a hoot!  Zoom fitness too – who’d ever thought a year ago our lives would’ve changed SO much?

I’ve now had my first vaccine and, oh please God let this be the pathway out of this pandemic and the lockdown🙏🏻

We’ve taken the opportunity to restock in the shop, and added loads more fabric, plus we continue to expand our Liberty Tana Lawn with lots of new prints coming through.

I truly hope wherever you are you are keeping well and safe, have a great Mothering Sunday weekend

Your covid -free-but- not -very -witty- chum
Annie x

Marie’s Positivite Pants!

I’ve been Jabbed🙏🏻

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