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By 29th April 2020 News

I really hope this finds you all well coping with lockdown and quarantine or if you’re  a key worker – my heartfelt thanks to you – you really are awe-inspiring. These are such strange times, making us reflect on our lives, re-evaluating what’s important.. oh and I’ve learned a ‘tictoc’ dance..

I must admit that I went into a bit of a tail spin when all this happened, having worked so hard to build up the business, focus on the workshops for 2020, enlisting some ‘Heavy weight’ artists to teach us new and diverse courses .. well it just seemed like everything was going to collapse overnight🥺
Then Sarah Pollard contacted me about making scrubs and aprons, and I was quickly jolted out of my reverie, doing something really positive – collecting duvet covers and sheets, and then, bizarrely here we are displaying our items in Young Ideas shop window – Du-vet to Gucci in a few weeks!
So many sewers from our community have got involved it’s been an amazing response and judging by the mountains of bed linen there must be many tidy airing cupboards! As I type this we’re up to 2000 plus items.

I think the Universe is teaching us all a few lessons.

If there are any local sewers who’d like to take part email me, or look for ‘Coverall Gowns for Careworkers’ on Facebook.

Some bittersweet news..
I’m sorry to tell I you the sad news that our lovely colleague and friend, June, has lost her husband to cancer. Many of you will know June through the Knit and Natter group as well as being the Betty’s Quilting aficionado. David was only diagnosed 4 months ago. I’m sure you’ll all join me in sending her our love and prayers at this time.
We loose a member of our Betty’s family and then we gain one: the after school sewing teacher, Donna, has had her baby. Nancy was born on April 14th and we’re all thrilled, Mum and baby are doing well despite the current situation!   The after school youngsters are busy making a collaborative surprise for her (hard to organise something ‘collaborative’ during this time of social distancing will keep you posted!)

Many of you have been so understanding over postponed workshops and courses. We’re  working on new dates, but until we know when it’s safe to resume normal life I’m not in a position to advertise them again, I promise they’ll be on, I’m also researching more artists and honing my own skills too.

So I think that’s everything for the time being – PLEASE stay safe, stay in and stay in touch!

Much Love

Annie x

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