Morning Campers.. or Caravaners or even Motorhomers.. 

By 27th May 2021 News

..yes it’s not escaped my notice that there are quite a few of you who’ve headed off for a cheeky break now that travel restrictions are lifting.. dang it! I was even  mooting the idea of buying a motorhome myself and heading for the hills. However Betty’s is calling me and I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be open again – and feel well again! totally recovered from all the illness of the winter. I’m doing a few challenges such as lands-end to John o’groats, hit 400 miles, and about at Blackpool now. Started a daily early morning walk and chant routine for April which has been a delight with recent dry weather and sunny mornings, lovely to see the spring develop although have met a few other locals who must think I’ve completely lost it as I quickly mute the ‘chant’ button.

So the shop is open now but I have to say it’s still quiet – we’re  still doing online sales and a new Etsy store for our Liberty fabric – you can check it out here (please give me a ‘favourite!) I’ve been sending Betty’s Liberty and a few sewing boxes as far away as Santa Cruz (I look up on google earth make sure it’s going to a good home).

Classes have begun again – very cautiously – with Mary’s watercolour flowers which was a success and after school sewing group has restarted with the children great fun making the ‘Beach Belle’ and my Free Machine Embroidery class which was great. Safety and respect for social distancing has been paramount and so far all has gone well. Numbers are restricted so if you want to have a go please book early!

Julie is gradually sorting out the tearoom after some recent decorating and we have a spare oak drop leaf table up for grabs if anyone would like it.

That’s all the news I can think of.

Have a great weekend.

Your Chanting Chum – Nam Gyoho Renge Kyo


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